LV Premier – Mr Flip – Hit Different (NDATL Vox Style) [Yoruba Records]


LV Premier – Mr Flip – Hit Different (NDATL Vox Style) [Yoruba Records]

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With a full length album Next Level Shit inbound Mr Flip keeps up the heavy pace he set with his debut Dance Circle with a brand new EP on Yoruba Hit Different.

Featuring remixes from Dj Kemit, Afeke Iku, Kevin Reynolds and Kai Alce its an EP which touches all corners of the dancefloor. From Soca house, via deep and euphoric house through leftfield funky infused dub and Detroit edged beats it’s a masterful release.

Our premier today is Kai Alce’s NDATL Vox with it’s classic deep house stylings this is a complete production masterclass from Kai. Smooth pads provide the rock solid background for the earworm vocal, energetic keys and powerhouse drums. It’s another classic from the Kai Alce stable.

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