LV Premier – Dam Swindle – The Wrap Around (2022 Mix) [Heist Recordings]


Dam Swindle are back with the third edition and final edition of their excellent ‘Keep on Swindling’ series which perfectly ties up their 10th anniversary year. Featuring two brand new tracks, remixes by Nightmares on Wax and DJ Bone alongside the highly anticipated 2022 mix of their well loved 2013 classic ‘The Wrap Around’, it’s another delightful collection of tracks.

Kicking off with ‘You’, a delicious slice of electronic soul, this one is 4am all the way, a sweeping synth gem which will keep the dancefloor locked tight. Next up More Love is just as clubby but takes things a little deeper, looped up vocals, fat bass, hypnotic break downs and punchy synth stabs keep this one in top gear throughout.

Our premier from the EP today is the newly refreshed 2022 edition of ‘The Wrap Around’, a Dam Swindle classic from 2013. Originally released via Huxley’s now defunct Saints and Sonnets label it quickly sold out and has seen Discogs prices go through the roof in recent years. A slight change in arrangement and some gentle touches to the mix bring this one back to life whilst still keeping everything that was loved about the original.

Two remixes keep this package flowing perfectly with Nightmares on Wax reworking 64 Ways featuring Mayer Hawthorne into a bass heavy groove gem and DJ Bone taking The Wrap Around off towards Detroit techno teritory, raw, dirty and packed full of machine funk.

Like volumes 1 & 2 before it this package is outstanding.

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