Keclo – Feel [Petit Pot Records]


Keclo – Feel [Petit Pot Records]

Other than they are based on the French Riviera there isn’t a great deal of information to go on about Keclo who seem to be a new name to the scene but possibly with a bit of history behind them. Their label Petit Pot Records who have released their first track Feel is also brand new.

They are an act who are heavily influenced by 90’s French and US hip hop and it would seem the more lo fi and downtempo sounds from the likes of the Avalanches and Lemon Jelly.

Their latest track Feel is a warm slice of downtempo chill electronica where smooth bass notes and deft keys contrast with the in your face vocal top line which works more as an instrument rather than a standard vocal making it a musical cornerstone of the whole track.

Proper dreamy vibes from an act we will definitely be keeping an eye on.

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