LV Mixtape 128 – Hurlee [SUOL]


LV Mixtape 128 – Hurlee [SUOL]

Hurlee is easily one of the stand out producers of the last couple of years for LV online. He has been behind a string of superb releases on Suol, Tilly Jam, Tropical Disco and many more top of the line labels. He is also one of the heads behind the brilliant Poetry In Motion label which has been on fire recently and become a firm LV online favourite.

You can check his most recent release on Suol below for which we hosted one of the premiers. It’s an EP packed with quality dancefloor groove. Make sure you grab it via:

LV Mixtape 128 – Hurlee [SUOL] Tracklist

01 Hurlee – La Jeune Nuit (Original Mix) Tropical Disco
02 Around7 – Dice #3 (Original Mix) Ondule Recordings
03 I Gemin – Music Alone (Original Mix) Sundries Digital
04 AFAMoo – I Just Wanna Be With U (Original Mix) Liztomania
05 Purple Ice – Cameroon (Original Mix) theBasement Discos
06 Adryiano – The Sturdy (Original Mix) Shall Not Fade
07 Paul Rudder & Cøhen – Flowers at my Balcony (Original Mix) Glasgow Underground
08 Hurlee – Heal Me (Original Mix) Ondule Records (PROMO)
09 Joss Moog – That Woman (Original Mix) Robsoul Recordings
10 Dan Corco – On The Bit (Original Mix) Robsoul Recordings
11 Hurlee – Confiture Du Jour (Original Mix) Ondule Recordings (PROMO)
12 Demuir – High. Alive. And Dirty. (Original Mix) Hot Creations

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