LV Premier – Deej – Kooley’s Practise Round [The Groove Stage]


LV Premier – Deej – Kooley’s Practise Round [The Groove Stage]

Deej is an artist we have been following for the last couple of years and who regularly comes up with top quality tracks. A lover of deep garage inspired beats he is also behind The Groove Stage label. His latest venture see’s him step into full artist album mode with 248. A combination of everything from slow off beat house, hip hop inspired groove and deep danceable Garage influenced house its a powerful album.

248 is a combination of blissfull chill and deep dancefloor inspired groove drawing on many of Deej’s influences from across his career. It’s an album packed with stand out moments, for the dancefloor Let Me F K Wid It with it’s twisted synths and dancefloor percussion and our premier today the ever so deep groove of Kooley’s Practise Round both shine as does Your Funky Too.

This is however an album that is about far more than the club. There are the hip hop inspired beats of Word is Bond, My Mellow & Interlude and the effervescent broken beat jazz of Footwerk. Meanwhile the deep twisted house of I can’t Believe has a touch of Moodymann about it.

This is a quality album if you love your music a little deeper.

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