The Chilled Out (Chuggin Edits) Pt 1-4


The Chilled Out (Chuggin Edits) Pt 1-4

Released on 5 February 1990 the KLF’s Chill Out album was a landmark in the ambient / chill out world when it became one of the first ever concept ambient albums. It’s an incredible piece of work which is regularly name checked as a classic / benchmark of it’s genre. The KLF were an incredible act who’s artistic vision was as strong as their musical vision. The were both very much of their time in how they sold their music into the masses, even authoring books on how to have a chart smash, and equally way ahead of their time. Chill out was very much the latter.

Featuring a long list of samples Chill Out came out long before mash-up mixes became common place once technology caught up with producers vision. On Chill Out everything was mixed by ear, the original album was mixed as a 44-minute live take done over and over until it was perfect.

When the KLF ended their career in dramatic fashion burning a million £ on the Scottish island of Jura they also deleted their entire back catalogue including Chill Out so the original albums sell now for £100’s of pounds in good condition.

Here one of our favourite artists Chuggin Edits uses the original album as his inspiration to create a whole new take on Chill Out. It features some of the same samples which he has painstakingly tracked down along with a long list of new material, drums and synths. Its a fresh celebration and a wonderful re-interpretation of what has become a treasured musical moment for many.

As you can imagine a huge amount of work went into this project so we hope that you enjoy this album and can share it with your friends on Soundcloud and via social media.

So turn the lights down, open a bottle of wine, put your feet up, roll up and chill out.

The full sample list is below

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The Chilled Out – Chuggin Edits Parts 1-4 Sample List

Pt 1
Kimberly Tia Ryborz – Chugging Edits intro
Martin Luther King
Latoya Jackson – Camp Kuchi Kaiai
Conversation with JFK about Martin Luther king
Amazon rain forest
Jack Nicholson The Joker from Batman
The test of Any Nation – spoken words unknown
Duke – So In Love With You
Keanu Reeves – End of the matrix speech
Behind the scenes voice over session with Michael Jackson & Vincent Price
Gene Wilder Wonker introduction
Elvis Presley – In the Ghetto (Chuggin Edits reloop)
Chic intro Chic Cheer
Steam Train with whistle
Train on tracks
Rolling Thunder

Pt 2
Vangelis – Blade Runner Love Theme
Rutger Haeur vocal snippet from Blade Runner
Harrison Ford vocal snippet from Blade Runner
High speed Winds
Coyotes Howling
Baby Heartbeat
Drum Loop (Chuggin Edits)
Aeroplane sweep across
Alena Barez – Pretty Thoughts ( Chuggin Edits chopped edit)
Bill Withers Grandmas Hands intro

2001 a space odyssey Hal vocals
Disco Sucks Disco Demolition Night 1979 news speech
Suzan Vega – Toms Diner Acapella
Bill Withers – Let Me Into Your Life
Fleetwood Mac – Albertross
Flocks Of Seagulls
Herders of Mongun Taiga part 1 vocal snippet
The Beastie Boys Acapella
The Blues Brothers – Half a pack of cigarettes
Eddie C – High Road
Strings , Synths, & Rhodes stems from Imagination Just an Illusion

Piano stem from Imagination Just an Illusion
Jesus Loves You – After The Love Has Gone acapella
50 First Dates kid to Daddy what’s a Nypho vocal snippet
The Graduate Mrs Robinson vocal snippets
American Beauty vocal snippet
Woody Allen vocal snippet
Mint Royale – The Sexiest Man in Jamaica acapella
Balls Of Fury vocal snippet
The Temptations -My Girl Acapella
Dripping water
Unknown vocal the smell of the awful weed
Faithless – Insomnia acapella
David Bowie Fashion loop tiny snippet
The Basques French Pyrenees vocal snippet
Craig Charles Vocal Snippet 🙂

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