LV Premier – Dimi Jazzmon – Stephanie Needs Opium (Original Mix) [Open Sound]


LV Premier – Dimi Jazzmon – Stephanie Needs Opium (Original Mix) [Open Sound]

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Following in the footsteps of Hotevilla, Javonntte, Rick Wade and many more outstanding artists Open Sound land another classy deep house EP this time from Dutch producer Dimi Jazzmon.

Focusing on the more instrumental edges of Deep House Dimi has produced a brilliant EP packed with depth and character.

Opening with Stephanie Needs Opium, our premier today, it’s a deep pulsating track with an ever so slight 70’s soundtrack essence which seeps through it’s DNA. Built up through layers of guitar, vibes, muted sax riffs and multiple vocal samples all adding depth and interest it’s a really classy track.

Backing it up Skipping Resolution and Lunar Cycle have the same excellent depth of production. Skipping Resolution is deeper still while Lunar Cycle brings in a funky incessant bassline providing plenty of drive. Both have much in common with the way they are produced with lots of subtle layers adding plenty of interest to draw the ear in and keep the interest throughout.

Excellent EP for the heads.

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