LV Premier – Intr0beatz – Mandolinio (Warren Xclnce Remix) [Moment Cinetique]


New single from Moment Cinetique you say, yeah “send it over” I say. Oh it’s from Intr0beatz. Aye proper, they’re always a brilliant team I thought to myself. They didn’t even mention the remix from Warren Xcince and I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on it.

Safe to say I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Moment Cinetique is a proper go-to label for me and has been for a couple of years, the A&R is always off the scale breaking new artists but also keeping great relationships with longstanding artists which is the mark of a classy label. They also don’t force the releases just putting out music that feels right and that shines through as every release has it’s own energy.

Madolinio is a throbbing slice of kick-ass underground deep house. Techy but organic, packed with energy and a real vitality it’s a real benchmark for the brilliance of house music in 2023.

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