LV Premier – Jacques Renault – Sky Islands Side B Part 2 [Let’s Play House US]


Jacques Renault has been a longtime favourite here at LV HQ, his tracks have been regulars in LV DJ sets for quite some time. His recent collab with Gerd Janson ‘Jacque’d Toolbox’ being a fine example of why we hold him is such high esteem. It’s a 12″ well worth hunting down.

His latest release is something a little out of the ordinary. Sky Islands is landing just in time for RSD drop 2 and features 23 tracks mixed together over 2 sides of a 12″. A megamix of sorts featuring some of what may well be Jacques most sublime cuts, it’s the perfect tool for DJ’s who love to do really long sets. Packed with energy each side runs at 14minutes plus so is absolutely ideal for making a quick break with enough time to bag a drink or two on the way back to the booth. Full to the brim of energetic leftfield disco it’s heavy on the percussion, big basslines and synths and ebbs and flows perfectly from slower introspective moments to straight up peak time gems.

This is a really classy release.

All hail Jacques Renault.

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