LV Premier – L.E.D – Lichter Aus [Faze Action Records] & Silicon Touch EP Review

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LV Premier – L.E.D – Lichter Aus [Faze Action Records] & Silicon Touch EP Review

L.E.D. is a bit of a mystery of an artist. Their brand new EP Silicon Touch lands this week on the brilliant Faze Action Records and it’s a truly scintillating package combining two modular heavy Italo influenced synth tracks with wonderfully executed artwork.

Leading out with title track Silicon Touch it’s a deep brooding slice of futuristic electronica. Comprising deep throbbing bass, a kit which has beautifully crafted bounce and layers of synths which build the excitement across the track. It’s topped off perfectly with the addition of a looped-up funk edged guitar line which takes the track into straight 10/10 territory.

Our premier today is the second track Lichter Aus. This is quite simply a stand-out slice of Italo edged electronica, Fusing a huge undulating bassline with arpeggiated modular synths it’s a track which is just brimming with a gripping euphoric drama. Safe to say this will sound quite immense over a huge club system.

The EP is the first part of a series with more releases already planned for 2020 and on strength of this release we may just be witnessing the birth of something very special indeed.

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