LV Premier – Noden – Skinner [Liftin Record]


LV Premier – Noden – Skinner [Liftin Record]

Hailing from London, production duo Ollie Harvey and Dave O’Leary had a breakthrough year as DJ’s in 2019 with their newly minted Noden project. Establishing themselves in their local bar their energetic sets would soon find them in heavy demand all over London.

Their quest to spread their name ever further would see them hit the studio to work on the Skinner EP which features 3 tracks showcasing the energy and diverse sounds which they play in their sets.

It’s a very tasty package indeed. first up is 1976 and it’s a deep disco burner. Live bass, emotive strings and a ridiculously hooky guilty pleasure vocal, it’s an end of night classic in the making.

Our premier today Skinner is a disco house groove of the highest order. Excellent drum programming gives this an edge in a less is more kind kind of way adding in elements as the tracks morphs into vocal breakdowns and filtered diva screams. It’s a track that will send your dancefloor into raptures.

Closing out the EP is the deep house groove of Tarek. This is a track with a light touch which again builds around the bass groove. Smokey basements and sporadic lighting are all the one needs to be another timeless club track.

For a debut EP this is really quite special. Make sure you check it out.

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