LV Premier – Rafael Yapudjian – Deep Inside [Tropical Disco Records]


LV Premier – Rafael Yapudjian – Deep Inside [Tropical Disco Records]

Another week and another absolute musical moment from the Tropical Disco crew who keep up their golden July run in some style. This week’s offering comes from Brazilian producer Rafael Yapudjian who has been on fire recently with a string of hotness coming courtesy of Midnight Riot, Super Spicy, Mango and Spa In Disco. He’s an artist who we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on. His productions are super slick and show a natural affinity for the Jazzier edges of the disco world. It’s super music to chill to as well as perfect for those more laid back bar moments and early club sets.

Deep Inside is as the title suggests super deep, jazzy, funky and just a whole lot of musical bliss.

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