LV Premier – Retromigration – Nur Wir [Wolf Music]


LV Premier – Retromigration – Nur Wir [Wolf Music]

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Retromigration returns to Wolf Music for his second solo EP delivering a seriously classy 12″ featuring 6 tracks covering everything from deep & dusty yet energetic house music to early morning / afters electronica. Unleashing his MPC this is an EP where each track has it’s own discernible style but also ties together beautifully as body of work.

Featuring five jazz inflected housers from throbbing peak time dancefloor bliss to 5am dusty gems this is a perfectly balanced EP which ably shows off the many different aspects of Retromigration’s style.

Our premier from the EP today is the final track which makes up the EP Nur Wir, a wonderfully laid back moment. Perfect for those Sunday morning sessions as the sun rises slowly along with the room temperature whilst the condensations drips gently and graciously down the windows. A divine moment for friends and new friends alike.

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