LV Premier – Simon Hinter – Choppa [Moment Cinetique]


LV Premier – Simon Hinter – Choppa [Moment Cinetique]

Simon Hinter is an artist who we have been keeping close tabs on since he dropped his Tired Up Ep on Jimpster’s Freerange back in 2020. His output since then has been brilliant including releases with Kerri Chandlers Madhouse label, Quintessentials, Nitegrooves and another outing on Freerange. He’s clearly an artist who is held is very high esteem by his peers.

His latest EP see’s him land on Moment Cinetique who are having their own golden run of releases. The resultant EP ‘Before Choppa’ is very brilliant indeed.

Our premier today is the deep dirty disco groove of lead track Choppa. It’s a vibe that Simon excels at crafting a track which has both that immediate feel yet is underground and as cool as you like.

Next track up Before lifts the BPM up and heads straight to the middle of the peak time dancefloor with it’s loopy guitar licks, pumping dancefloor bassline and spacey keys. Again it’s a track which is just effortlessly cool.

Final track Classic Route unleashes proggy guitars, spacey sirens, echo heavy percussion and flutes on an unsuspecting groovy house track delivering something just a little off to the left field for those deeper moments

Another utterly brilliant release for artist and label alike.

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