LV Premier – Marcel Vogel & Lyma – Flame On [Boogie Angst]


Marcel Vogel has long been an LV favourite and here he continues to delight with his burgeoning collaboration with vocalist LYMA. Following up on their gleaming Games Change EP and the recent release of pulsating gem Free Time, all via Boogie Angst, this week sees them deliver the No Time EP. Featuring previous single Free Time as lead track, it’s a scorching EP packed with a delicious low slung funk, analogue synths, urban soul and a general thumbing of the nose to convention.

Featuring five distinct tracks which are both in equal measures playful and elegant the No Time EP further strengthens the duo’s street chops delivering a gospel of heartfelt soul.

Our premier today from the EP is Flame On with it’s loopy swing heavy percussion and a wonderfully warm bassline which plays the perfect foil to LYMA’s sizzling vocals.

The EP lands this Friday, 18th August, and I highly recommend tracking it down at your earliest convenience as it is highly likely to be one of the EP’s of 2023.

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