Mohns – Oblivion (Jakobin & Domino Remix)


Mohns – Oblivion (Jakobin & Domino Remix)

Vienna’s Mohns are a fairly new name on the scene with their latest EP being their second release as far as we can see. The four track Coloured Ways EP is a real fusion of organic sounds.

The stand out track for LV Online is the Jakobin & Domino remix of lead track Oblivion. They have flipped it from being a frenetic broken beat track into a super smooth Deep House number.

It’s a proper re-imagining of the track, deep chugging bass, smooth keys, the haunting vocal and in your face Detroit-esque drums.

They have succeeded in turning it into a real classic deep house club groove.

Very nice work indeed. The EP is our now on Janu Records.

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