Regards Coupables & Lulannie – Scubapro – Le Visiteur Premier


Regards Coupables & Lulannie – Scubapro – Le Visiteur Premier

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Regards Coupables is rapidly becoming a sensation in his home country of France, he has built up an incredible internet following including 550k followers on Instagram celebrating his sensuous, sex positive illustrations which he has exhibited everywhere from Paris to LA.

Not content with causing a stir in the art world he has also been making a major splash in the world of electronic music. His latest track ‘Scubapro’ with Venezuelan singer Lulannie will help turn even more heads towards France from all over the globe.

Scubapro is a picture perfect example of French House, it combine elements of disco and electro fusing them with warm electronica to create an incredibly positive track which will sound equally divine relaxing on a Mediterranean beach or at 2am in your favourite nightclub.

Scubapro is creating music which will envelopes your very being. Music to turn even the dreariest day into a golden ray of sunshine.

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