LV Premier – Sofatalk & XL Regular – Afro Quarters [Outplay]


LV Premier – Sofatalk & XL Regular – Afro Quarters [Outplay]

Fouks Outplay label has been home to some of our favourite EP’s of the last few years. It’s a label which always focusses on quality over quantity delivering EP’s which are perfectly now but equally are just enough out there to help nudge the scene forward. Italian producers Sofatalk and XL Regular’s Afro Quarters EP fits perfectly in this modus operandi.

The EP features four tracks of club edged jazz infused broken beat. It’s a sizzling proposition and another rather brilliant addition to the Outplay discography.

Sofatalk and XL Regular have a quality pedigree of their own having previously released with
Omena, ANMA, Cognitiva Records (Sofatalk’s own label), INI Movement, Nómada and Monologues.

The EP opens with Rumble Strip and it’s a delicious track, which is both ethereal and dreamy with its throbbing drums, subtle keys and soulful vocal. It’s a real moment of quality.

Afro Quarters is our premier today with its key stabs, Rhodes layers and thumping rotational drums. It’s a track which is impossible not to get swept up. Utterly classy.

Over on the flip are Easy and On The Run and both tracks sit perfectly here, effortlessly cool with beautifully constructed drums, jazzy licks, tidy keys and vocal stabs.

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