LV Premier – Underset – Woogie Hunter [The Soundgarden]


As we head towards the balmy summer months here in Europe we continue to be treated to a cornucopia of wonderfully Balearic sun infused music and Underset’s Woogie Hunter, incoming on The Soundgarden, is a perfect example of just how brilliant some of the current crop of Balearic inspired releases can be.

Imbued with a cheerful sense of style, warmth and grace it’s a track which will be best enjoyed with the sun on your face and cocktail in hand and preferably the sand between your toes. With a decidedly 80’s edge courtesy of the delectable synths, this is a track which will be finding it’s way into many a DJ set in the coming months if there is any justice at all.

Easy Summer is the other track on the excellent EP and has a similar delicious summer vibe this time with a real deep dancefloor groove, playing off enigmatic guitars with a chugging bassline and haunting synths.

All round this is an essential summer purchase.

Grab it here: and stream on Spotify HERE

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