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Canadian diggers extraodinaire and lauded DJ duo and promoters The Patchouli Brothers have become firm favourites here on the pages of LV and for very good reason. They continually unearth disco gold before very much adding their own midas touch to it. Their 12’s have become an essential pick up during LV record scouring missions. Their latest release see’s them join forces with Brooklyn’s own dynamic team at Razor-N-Tape for a four track EP overflowing with prime Disco Juice.

I premiered Disco 4 A Non-Nuclear Future from the EP a few days ago but could just as easily have picked any track off the EP to showcase the immense quality of their work. You can check that below and check out my write up of the EP here.

You can also grab the EP here:

To celebrate the release of the EP we asked The Patchouli Brothers to put together a mix for us which you can below and find more info on HERE and also to delve deep into their collection and pull out their 10 essential Disco Edits for us. As you would expect the list is packed with entries from some of the edit royalty including Danny Krivit, Kon, Al Kent, Ron Hardy and Rahaan to name a few.

The Danny Krivit edit of Love Is The Message by MFSB

Our biggest inspiration! Our all time favourite. Danny Krivit is THE best. 11 mins of heaven.

The Kon edit of You’ve Got Me Goin’ Baby by The Fabulous Conti Album

Anything of Kon’s from Off Track Volume 2 is brilliant. Also love his touch on Venise’s Don’t Think About It. He and Amir really unearthed some solid gold. So influential.

The Ron Hardy edit of I Can’t Turn Around by Isaac Hayes

What can we possibly say about the genius of Ron Hardy that hasn’t been said? This is the song of the night, on the right dance floor.

The Al Kent edit of Disco Baby by Nasty City

A gem we would have likely overlooked, were it not for Al Kent and his Disco Love series! Carrying on the legacy of Walter Gibbons, he’s an unreal editor and remixer!

The Gary Cummings & Tim McAllister edit of Be Thankful For What You’ve Got by The Intruders

This one never fails. We could have gone with any of a few from Tim McAllister, but this one with Gary Cummings is a long standing dance floor fave.

The Tim Zawada edit of To Be Free by the Luther Davis Group

Wish Tim Zawada kept putting his edits out for the rest of us to play! His are extremely handy. Perfect, really! Was torn between this and his Janet Jackson, Go Deep cut.

The Leftside Wobble & Guy Williams edit of Angel In My Pocket by Change

Haven’t heard much from Leftside Wobble, lately. Sonically, his edits and remixes stand out from the noise. They sound unreal on a big system, and this is our favourite of his, alongside UK legend Guy Williams.

The Rahaan edit of Use Your Imagination by Kokomo

Whatever Rahaan releases is worth picking up. His taste levels are unmatched and his touches are always perfect for our dancefloors.

The Young Pulse edit of Only the Strong Survive by Billy Paul

This is a banger that we’ve turned to time and time again. If this doesn’t bring the house down, nothing will!

The Red Greg edit of Riding by Michael Henderson

The master! We love everything Red Greg does, and listen to any set of his we can find. It’s a real treat when he shares edits with the world!

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