Vibe Called – Let Your Self Go


Vibe Called – Let Your Self Go

We were hugely impressed with the Days & Times label last year, their releases had a nice original feel and looked superb. You can check out previous releases from Carlo Runia HERE and Vibe Called HERE

Kicking off January in fine form they are back with another release for Vibe Called. ‘Let Your Self Go’ has an extremely cool feel about it, house music which owes a lot to Metro Area in style but with it’s own distinct flavour. There is a really nice juxtaposition as the track moves from the smooth keys of the intro into the power of the bubbling synth bass. It’s another track which sounds great at home but which kicks for the cooler clubs.

A special mention is also needed for the excellent artwork from Days & Times. Nice!

Great track. You can buy it HERE

For more info on Days & Times check:


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