LV Premier – Yam Who & LaRae Starr – Taste Of Bitter Love (DJ Mark Brickman Remix)


Midnight Riot keep the 2022 disco love flowing with the release of their fifth edition of their Disco Made Me Do It compilation series and as the previous editions did, this one again gets the glitterball spinning.

Packed with Nu Disco, Disco boogie and Disco house it’s a non-stop roller coaster of summer disco gems. Stand out tracks come from Yam Who? and LaRae Starr, Platinum City, Musta with Hot Toddy on the mix, Sammy Deuce, and Black Hawkes of Panama but there isn’t a dull moment to be found here. Perfect poolside vibes all the way on this one.

Our premier today from the album is Mark Brickman’s wicked remix of Yam Who? and LaRae Starr’s remake of Glady’s Night and Pips’ Taste of Bitter Love. Smooth, sexy disco vibes all the way as Yam Who? and LaRae Starr have delivered a tasteful and eminently danceable rework of an all-time classic. Bringing the track right up to the 2022 bar it’s a classy rework where LaRae’s soulful gritty vocal soars.

Across the album the vibe is feel-good all the way with one of Midnight Riot’s finest 2022 moments Platinum City’s Can You Dig It sounding just as tasty as when it first dropped back in June. Musta and Vanessa Jackson’s Loving me sees a deep groove fueled boogie edged remix from Hot Toddy who continues to hit all the right spots this year and Black Hawkes of Panama flip a well loved Imagination synth riff via a chugging bassline and hypnotic Carol Harding inspired vocal stabs.

The album also see’s four completely new cuts with Taste Of bitter love leading the line here followed closely by Jaegerossa’s smooth Stevie Wonder channeling take on Street Player, Redux’s funky take on Rose Royce’s Is It Love and Funky Deps sweet laser synthed Mighty Fire.

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