Lovebirds chooses 10 tracks SO great, their titles are carved in history.


With a fabulous new EP ‘Mar-A-Lago’ out right now, where he collaborates with multi-instrumentalist Declan McDermott, Lovebirds is once again flying high. The EP features two delicious sun-infused modern disco gems and is a must own if you plan on creating some prefect summer vibes at any of your upcoming DJ gigs or if you just want to dream about the incoming summer months. You can check the premier of lead track from the EP Mar-A-Lago below

Grab Mar-A-Lago here:

The insider spoke at length with Lovebirds and Declan last week about the EP, living in Berlin and loads more for Le Visiteur. Lovebirds also crafted a brilliant mix for us. You can check both here.

Top top off our love for the EP we also asked Lovebirds if he could choose 10 tracks which have he absolutely loves for us, as you might expect its a pretty incredible list.

1. Billy Cobham – Heather

As so many times I came across this one through a hip hop sample (93 till infinity) … it’s probably the track that touches me the most, emotionally. Rhodes by George duke!

2. Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance Dance, (Disco Version)

My favourite producer – Patrick Adams. The underground Quincy. Pure soul & disco at it’s best.

3. L.T.D. – Love Ballad

This is perfection.

4. Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love

What a journey of a song: from sad to happy, minor to major and of course that famous breakdown that a Tribe Called Quest used so nicely.

5. Chic – I Want Your Love

I think this track got me into disco. It made its way even to that small town in northern Germany with it’s irresistible, arpeggiated strings and horns.

6. Kashif – I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On)

This album … the songs, the production, the engineering, it just blows my mind every time I put it on.

7. Michael Jackson – I Cant Help It

The trifactor of genius: MJ, Quincy and Stevie.

8. Change – Glow Of Love

God those Italians can do some amazing music! With Luther Vandross on vocals before he became “Luther”!

9. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Another example of how amazing the late 70s were.

10. Jamiroquai – Blow My Mind

Yeah he really blew my mind back then …(Literally dancing while putting it on now)

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