Third Attempt’s Gods of Norwegian Disco Chart


Third Attempt’s Gods of Norwegian Disco Chart

Third Attempt has been building a rock solid reputation as one of the most consistent and exciting producers to come out of the Norwegian scene over the last few years. Still only 23 he is now very much an artist whose incredible output demands that we pay close attention as he consistently makes huge leaps with every single release.

His latest offering sees him continue his strong working relationship with Tromsø label Beat Service, returning quick smart with his Third album The Novel Sound following on from last years excellent Beats From The Quarantine long player.

It’s very much an album which shows his steady and impressive musical evolution combining trip-hop, funk, soul and disco to create an album which is both reverential and equally forward facing. A near perfect album for the coming summer months expect to hear this across the Med soundtracking sunsets and musically adventurous backrooms alike.

The album lands this week, check it out on Bandcamp via:

To celebrate the release we asked Third Attempt to pick some of his favourite Norwegian producers. It’s a fantastic list featuring some of the big hitters from the scene as well as couple of acts who you may not have come across before but who are well worth checking out.

Third Attempt’s Gods of Norwegian Disco Chart
LINDSTROM – Closing Shot

Unbeatable prime time track. Euphoric build up that becomes damn near magical on the dancefloor. A must listen from the space disco era.


For the walk home, the first hours of the morning when the sun starts to shine. This one is for wrapping up the memories.


Todd Terje is a major inspiration and I love all his tracks. But this one has been a regular in my DJ sets since I started playing as a teenager. Perfect progression. Big up!

BIOSPHERE – Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings

This whole album (Dropsonde) is a masterclass in ambient. I particularly like the drums on this one. Really hypnotic, patient, mystical track.

Erot – Haribo

Emotional track, peak dancefloor material. Beautiful keyboard-solo throughout, addictive groove. RIP Tore


This track energizes you and catches your attention. Just like the brew. Tasty!

RUNE LINDBAEK – Junta Jaeger

Nice low tempo groove with a great synth solo. Big up Paper Recordings!

FLUNK – Magic Potion

Dubby goodness. Groovy and low tempo.

ROYKSOPP – Poor Leno

Legendary tune. Used to listen to this on MTV when I was a kid. Still holds up to this day. The groove here is unmatched.


I’ve listened to this track ever since it came out. It has that classic norwegian space disco feel and works great on the dancefloor. Bassline still never gets old.

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