Pools release ‘Sunned’ – 5 Releases in the DNA of the Album


Pools release ‘Sunned’ – 5 Releases in the DNA of the Album

Having missed their acclaimed debut album for Razor N Tape Innertubes which landed back in 2015 Pools (Thee Mike B and DJ Morse Code) were a new name to us when their sophomore Razor-N-Tape album Sunned landed in the LV digital inbox last month.

We were immediately taken by it’s 12 perfectly crafted tracks which were the epitome of MPC cool. Layered with smooth pads and beautifully executed samples it’s an album packed full of laidback summer grace and most definitely has that discernible LA vibe running deep through it’s very being. It’s a city which seemingly lends itself to warm, approachable and very cool music.

Sunned is an album which you should most definitely be checking out right now. It just exudes mid summer warmth no-matter where you are or what time of the year it happens to be.

We premiered Say That from the album a few days ago which you can check above and LV Online also reviewed the album in full which you can check HERE.

As part of the run up to the release we spoke to the band about some of the albums and EP’s which they have listened to over the years and which they think have been infused into the DNA of the Sunned. Check out their choices below.

Pools – 5 Albums in the DNA of Sunned

1. The Avalanches – Since I Left You

Since the inception of POOLS, we’ve bonded over our love of this album and it’s exquisite layering of samples.

2. Ronnie Laws – Pressure Sensitive

We’re very influenced by jazz fusion and this is a perennial example of the vibe we admire.

3. Madvillain – Madvillainy

DOOM and Madlib are both GOATs and their impact on us and the music we love is immeasurable.

4. Trankilou – Escalope De Dingue

We listened to a lot of Pepe Braddock during the writing of Sunned. He’s one of the most impressive producers in the history of dance music and currently one of the most interesting. This EP from 1996 really hits beautifully.

5. HNNY – Music Is Nice

We found this EP on a random record digging mission in 2019 and bugged out on how fresh it is. HNNY has a great ear for grooves.

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