Don Carlos Worship Mix – Classic Italian Dream House


Don Carlos Worship Mix – Classic Italian Dream House

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One of the archetypes of Italian Dream House Don Carlos is the producer behind one of the scene’s most renowned records, the 1991 gem Alone. He has been in strong demand since his return to the scene a few years back refining and re-releasing some of his classic moments as well as creating all new tracks. His latest release see’s him stepping up to remix London based duo Manuel Darquart, one of the current champions of the classic dream house sound, for Wolf Music. The result is a truly spellbinding remix which feels both classic yet absolutely vital and fresh for 2021. It will be a must play for those dreamy summer sets for many years to come, a future classic for certain.

To celebrate the release Don Carlos put together an hour mix of classic Italian Dream House records for us and quite simply who better to do it than the man who helped birth the scene. We have an interview incoming with Don Carlos about that Manuel Darquart remix and his long career so please make sure that you check back for that.

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