LV Mixtape 089 – Jaegerossa [Midnight Riot]


LV Mixtape 089 – Jaegerossa [Midnight Riot]

It’s an absolute pleasure to invite back one of our regular contributors to our mixtape series, Jaegerossa from Midnight Riot.

This time out he has has put together a seriously classy mix packed with funk, disco and house. A real romp of a listen, heavy on the groove and seriously cool.


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Jaegerossa – LV Mixtape 089 Playlist

Hp Edits – Bump n hustle
The Bar Quays – Holy Ghost (The Reflex re-vision)
Sam Ruffilio – Bandito
Chez – You ready
Golden Fleece – keep doing it
Hotmood – Samba e sabor
J Morrison – Hold me tight
Krewcial – Mabina
Danny Russell – Night dancer
Natasha Kitty Kat – Into my life
Danny Russell – You can do it
Nina Simone – The Reflex re-vision

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