LV Premier – Immersif – Rendez-Vous Au Skatepark [GLBDOM]


LV Premier – Immersif – Rendez-Vous Au Skatepark [GLBDOM]

GLBDOM are back with a rather tasty EP from French producer Immersif. Overflowing with classic house themes it features four tracks packed with flowing synths, beautifully layered beats and some lovely samples. From deep to jazzy and sun soaked house it’s all in here.

Our premier from the EP today is the wonderfully organic Rendez-Vous Au Skatepark with its classy bass, jazzy synths and some great samples plucked from Immersif’s hip hop vinyl collection. Gentle keys are layered with energetic scratches for a collision of two worlds which works out perfectly.

Another excellent EP from GLBDOM. Grab it from:

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