LV Premier – Leopard Da Vinci feat Jean Bisello – Garde Fou (Original Vocal Mix)


LV Premier – Leopard Da Vinci feat Jean Bisello – Garde Fou (Original Vocal Mix)

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Sometimes when you are least expecting it a track that is so brilliant that it literally starts your next door neighbours having a dance-off  drops though the digital mailbox. So it was with Leopard Da Vinci feat Jean Bisello’s Garde Fou. Safe to say that the morning coffee was put to the side in favour of some impromptu shape throwing that morning.

French musician Leopard Davinci is well know for his band The Fat Badgers. Here he has teamed up with Jean “papa groove” Bisello one of the stand out French slap bass players who has previously worked with Keziah Jones and Grandmaster Deenasty.

Clearly it’s a match made in heaven as with Garde Fou it’s very easy just to switch off and forget the many ails that 2020 has delivered.

The EP is coming on both vinyl and digital and features another original track the disco edged Summer Drive along with remixes from Soulparlor, Leopard Da Vinci, DJ Friction & El Kazed.

There is truly something for every taste and dancefloor from deep groovy house music to full steam ahead funk fueled party bliss.

This is a total bomb of an EP. Grab it from:

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