Satin Jackets – Solar Nights Q&A


Satin Jackets – Solar Nights Q&A

Satin Jackets, is one of the stars of the Nu Disco scene. Whilst many of the other artists from the nascent days of the scene have fallen by the wayside Satin Jackets continues to flourish and inspire with a stream of brilliant music flowing regularly from his studio deep in one of Germany’s ancient Forests. He also has been hugely in demand for his djing skills with a packed calendar of gigs all over the globe.

Following up his critically acclaimed debut album Panorama Pacifico which has saw millions of streams and heavy sales via Eskimo records was always going to be a tough task but one on which he has delivered on beautifully.

His brand new album Solar Nights sees him continue to develop and define the Satin Jackets sound. It’s a sound which clearly references the beautifully clean studio dynamics of Chic. Packed with hits Solar Nights is an album which has one foot in the heady days of 70’s New York but with wonderful 2019 studio flourishes and an overabundance of singles.

Again Satin Jackets has brought in a powerful team of collaborators to work on the album with stand out performances from David Harks, Panama, Niya Wells, Emma Brammer, Anduze and NTEIBINT. This diversity of talent gives the album a powerful edge with each artist bringing their own undeniable talent to the project.

We caught up with Tim (Satin Jackets) to discuss the album. Check out the interview below along with several of the tracks from the album.

It’s out now via Eskimo and you can buy it via Juno HERE

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Hi there Tim,

Thanks for speaking to us today.

You have just completed your second artist album ‘Solar Nights’ How would you describe the album which is out now on Eskimo Recordings and can you give us a bit of history about the album?

I always keep busy working on new music so it is basically a snapshot consisting of key singles like “Northern Lights” and “Mirage,” in combination with me specifically producing new album songs during the second half of 2018. I have been working closely with Eskimo since “You Make Me Feel Good”. A lot of things now run like a well-oiled machine and that’s a definite asset. All numbers have been on a steady incline since then. Never change a winning team I’d say.

How would you say your sound has developed since your debut album ‘Panorama Pacifico’ which came out in 2016?

It is a step forward in further developing the Satin Jackets trademark sound. If “Panorama Pacifico” was in 2D, “Solar Nights” is now in 3D.

Please can you describe your production set up for us, What equipment did you use most on the album and which one piece of equipment or plugin that you couldn’t live without?

I use the usual tools like Cubase, Ableton, Maschine, Komplete, and Push among others. I switch back and forth between projects often, so I need to be able to open one up right away without having to plug in cables or load presets. In terms of equipment, I love mixing hands-on with my Mackie Control setup and also fine tuning the sound with outboard EQs like the SPL Qure or Elysia Xfilter.

Can you give our readers a couple of quick studio tips on how to get such a warm and polished sound?

I believe that music starts in your head rather than on your computer, and furthermore I think producing and mixing are not just questions of equipment but moreover of knowledge and experience. A good setup can help getting you to the next level though – if you know how to really use it. Develop and trust your ears over the years. When creative process starts feeling like a routine, it is time to challenge it.

For your album you drafted in some superb collaborators, including David Harks, Panama, Niya Wells, Emma Brammer, Anduze and NTEIBINT what did your collaborators bring to the project and how did you go about choosing who to work with?

Everyone brings in their own unique style and skills. Panama plays guitar and bass on top of his unique voice for example and David can write deep lyrics and is a great songwriter all around. Niya has outstanding vocal skills. But most important is solid communication and good chemistry. So that is what I mostly go by.

What would you say is your one best moment in your career so far?

Not sure it was the best moment but it was definitely unforgettable when a huge US-based management agency called and wanted to buy “You Make Me Feel Good” off of me while making all kinds of big promises. They even had one of their managers talk to me in fluent German. In the end, it turns out I still own it.

If you could collaborate with any artist still working today on a track who would it be and why?

I am not sure I can simply just give a name here. It also creates expectations. It depends on a number of factors, not just a name.

Do you have any plans for a live show to support the album?

Yes, the will be some touring across Mexico and Asia. We are also working hard on setting up one in the US again.

When you are djing what is your ’if all else fails track’?

If all else fails, you are in the wrong club.

What else can we expect from Satin Jackets in 2019?

The follow-up single with Panama is already finished. Other than that, I am open to exploring where things will take me. The second album is a big milestone for me, but ‘after the album’ is also ‘before the album’.

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